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Women’s leadership




We work with your organisation to help you retain your female talent, many of whom may aspire to leadership or other senior roles.

Many coaching consultants will offer a similar service.  Where, perhaps, we differ is that we dig a bit deeper, because we rarely find that it’s about ‘fixing’ the female. She may need encouragement to be more confident, assertive, or even dominant, but we find that it helps to look at the organisation as a whole, its culture and general attitudes, its approach to ‘how things are done’, and how men and women are assessed for promotion.

We work with you to design and deliver an intervention that precisely meets your needs, reflecting your organisation’s culture and business strategy.  We collaborate with you at all stages of the work to ensure you are getting what you need.

In all our work we use the situations the women are facing in their working lives rather than artificial case studies. This means that the work we do is practical and has immediate value for the women and your organisation.

Our work is truly international. We design and run programmes for women from all parts of the globe. We work with cultural differences that are present in the environments the women work in.


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