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Programmes for

your leaders:


After a few years it's relatively easy to identify those who you reckon will be good leaders. You promote them.


Now you expect them to put together teams, manage their former peers, bring in business, listen to grievances, delegate intelligently, and remain charming. It's a tall order. 


We work with your leaders on their real-life problems to build these skills. We explore how they can lead high performing teams, collaborate and delegate effectively, and manage the organisation’s talent pool.  We focus on practical tips and use tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to give your people an appreciation of their own, and others’, strengths and behaviours.  


We can flex the programmes depending on seniority.  The most senior individuals might be leading through change.  For the newly promoted, support from a skilled, independent source in the first few months of a new role is invaluable.

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