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Quotes from our clients


Our coaching

“Working with Anne-Marie was invaluable when I took over running the [regional] office. She supported me to navigate some challenging political issues and encouraged me to lead the team confidently through a time of significant change.” - Partner, Professional Service Firm


 “Sometimes it is hard to see the career road ahead and after spending some coaching time with Fiona she really helped clear the noise and personal blockers I had. I felt she listened to me as an individual, understanding my own challenges and allowed thought-provoking dialogue to help me move forward. We sometimes get in our own way of success”. - Global Head (Operations), Financial Services Organisation.


 “Anne uses a wealth of business and coaching acumen to create the conditions for leaders and their teams to break silo’d thinking, start sharing ideas, emotions and insights, and generate new best practice…. All this, mixed with her open and fun personality, makes working with her a very fulfilling experience.” - Sales Director, Multinational Organisation 

 “Viv had a great engaging style and very quickly established rapport with the group. She got to the heart of the issues with a strong focus on our needs. The coaching breakout sessions with Viv were excellent!” - PSF leadership programme participant



Our programmes

“The presenter was amazing – very engaging and knowledgeable. The BEST internal training session I have ever attended.  She should do a lot more training sessions for us!”


“Overall every aspect was insightful and useful, great session. The training was very practical and addressed very relevant issues that we experience in our work environment.” 


 “Excellent programme, extremely helpful and the best training we’ve done to date. It's relevant and one can actually use it in everyday life.” 


 “The general introspection will help me to be a better team member and contributor to the firm. I think it challenged my way of thinking about the dynamics in my team in a very positive and constructive way.”


 “Excellent course and excellent facilitator.  Knowledgeable and inspiring. She engaged the group fully for the whole three hours, and was exemplar in her presenting and communication skills.  I'd definitely love to be coached by her if given the chance.”


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