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How we work


We offer one-to-one coaching, team coaching, and workshops.  We also work alongside your internal L&D consultants to devise and develop bespoke development programmes that you can deliver (with or without us).  Our philosophy is always to look for ways to pass on our skills.


All our work uses sound coaching and development principles.  We stay up to date with the latest academic and scientific thinking from institutions such as Harvard and Cranfield.


We don’t have a generic process, and we don’t use generic case studies.  Instead, we work with the individuals and the teams on whatever problems they are grappling with now.  We find that the more specific the problem, the more beneficial our coaching.



We are pioneers of ‘virtual coaching’ for geographically dispersed groups:

These are highly interactive sessions on a live online meeting platform, such as Skype for Business or WebEx. They run for around an hour and engage your people by asking questions and sharing responses. We also focus on what you want to see your people do more of. We ask them to commit to specific actions, so you can follow up with them personally.


There is no limit to the number of people who can attend – but the design and delivery means that each one feels that they are the only person being coached. We have successfully delivered virtual leadership coaching for more than 100 in-house legal counsel.


This makes for an extremely competitive price per head cost for practical coaching that gets results.



Our work has to be relevant:

What’s really going on?  Where and what are the bottlenecks?  We identify the goals you want, and agree them.


We’re good at spotting the elephant in the room.  And we’re good at understanding individual styles.  We encourage dyed-in-the-wool operators to let go of what has been, and focus on what could be.



All our work is confidential:

All our one-to-one work is confidential.  When we coach teams we work initially with a sponsor who is responsible for the team.  This sponsor is part of the team and joins in with any teamwork.  What happens in the room during our sessions stays in the room.


Sometimes what’s needed is the ability to discuss things that you wouldn’t with a colleague.  Or to discuss things openly with someone who doesn’t have an agenda.

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