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Business development and client relationships:



Professionals may be very good at their day job, but less experienced at turning their client relationships into work.  There may be a feeling that this is an uncomfortable thing to do.  We work with your people, either one to one, or in teams, to behave more as ‘business advisers’ and think of client opportunities strategically. 


Issues we typically focus on include


  • Helping to win the pitch.  We work with your teams to plan and rehearse their pitch for an important piece of work.  We have worked with a number of firms who have had an excellent success rate.


  • Networking. Using each person’s existing network to explore how they can widen and deepen their relationships in the market.


  • Building and developing relationships with clients: impact; influence; communication; and managing expectations.


  • Selling and cross selling.



Working with an experienced coach or facilitator, we explore the opportunities within their network for selling the widest range of the firm’s services when appropriate.  This is not only a theoretical intervention; it is very practical and focussed on what each person does in his or her practice to drive business and client development. 

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