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Executive coaching:



We work internationally at the most senior level.  Our clients include partners in professional service firms and executive directors in investment firms, banks and corporates. 


We bring practical knowledge of leading teams and developing client relationships.  We can also work on impact, confidence and assertiveness.  Whatever the approach, we work around your diary so we can give you targeted support and challenge when you need it. 


Before each session we will suggest an agenda based upon the challenges you are facing, but we encourage you to come with the practical issues that are troubling you.  Working on real issues at the time they are happening ensures that the learning from the coaching is relevant and easily assimilated into the way you do things.


We use tools and models to help you think through what is happening and how you can get the best out of the situation.  We may suggest articles or books to help and there will be practical homework after every session linked to the issues you bring.   Most coaching sessions end with an agreed action plan which is then reviewed at the start of the following session.


Meetings would usually take place at your office.  We would usually have a series of six coaching sessions, formally reviewing progress after the first three.


How to have powerful coaching conversations

Listen to Anne-Marie’s podcast where she explains step-by-step how to have powerful coaching conversations with the people you mentor and support.  She gives you tips on what to ask, and what to listen out for, so you can help your people achieve their goals.  The podcast comes with a user-friendly checklist, which identifies the key stages and questions to ask.

Podcast - Anne-Marie L’Estrange
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